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Siri - Smart Nutrigator - Fertikit

Irrigated agriculture can be environmentally sustained provided the basic principles of good water and fertilizer management are recognised, Siri SmartNutrigator is designed and developed based on these facts and to be used by Farmers according to their needs with necessary electrical protections like High/Low-Voltage cut-off and Voltage Stabilisation. It is standalone Fertigation dosing unit with EC & pH Monitoring System. The system can handle unto 5 Tank/Dosing units of liquid fertiliser. Research shows that fertigation increases efficient use of water and fertilizers, produces higher yields, improves quality of the production. The system employs a stainless-steel dosing pump for injection of fertigation using ventury and solenoid valves. The Rate of fertigation injection could be designed based on the filed requirements/conditions.



Features :

Siri – Smart Nutrigator

  • Timer based Injection
  • 1 to 3 Venturi Injectors, 150-350 LPH
  • Expandable upto 5 tank
  • Main line pressure upto 4 bars
  • Stainless-steel Booster Pump
  • Low/High voltage cut-off
  • Dry-run protection
  • GSM based Control
  • Daily/Weekly/Alternative day selection
  • Individual Flow Meter for each Injector
  • EC / pH Monitor
  • 8 station Irrigation Controller

“ Making Every Drop of Water Count ”

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